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Other Consulting Services

Nehru & Associates extends its expertise to a diverse array of Other Consulting Services, designed to address the unique needs of your business and drive holistic growth. Our dedicated team of consultants combines industry knowledge with innovative solutions to guide your organization toward sustained success.

  1. Compliance review for small Businesses with financial institutions covenants.
  2. Projected Balance Sheet & cash flows
  3. Project Report for new/ Expanded business
  4. Liquidity GAAP Statements.
  5. Risk Management for the corporate (Market, credit, operational risk)
  6. Review of Investment portfolio.
  7. Review of SOX (USA), clause 49 (SEBI), Bill 198 (Canada)compliance.
  8. Development of credit/ operational/ Dividend Policy.
  9. Internal controls review. development of Internal checks & controls.
  10. Review of Receivables & Payables.
  11. Setting up of complete inventory controls viz., EOQ, Min/max Inventory Leve

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Key Features:

  • Strategic Business Planning: We collaborate with your team to develop strategic business plans that align with your objectives, providing a roadmap for growth and resilience.

  • Market Entry and Expansion Strategies: Our consultants offer insights and strategies for entering new markets or expanding existing operations, ensuring a well-informed and successful market penetration.

  • Performance Improvement: Nehru & Associates identifies opportunities for performance enhancement within your organization, implementing tailored solutions to optimize efficiency and productivity.

  • Change Management: We guide your organization through periods of change, providing change management strategies to ensure a smooth transition and successful adaptation to new processes.

    • Technology Integration: Our consultants assist in integrating cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that your organization remains competitive and leverages the latest advancements for operational excellence.

    • Supply Chain Optimization: We analyze and optimize your supply chain processes, identifying areas for improvement to enhance overall efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

    • Financial Restructuring: Nehru & Associates offers financial restructuring strategies, providing solutions to improve financial stability, optimize capital structure, and support overall business resilience.

    • Organizational Development: Our consultants focus on enhancing organizational capabilities, fostering leadership development, and creating a culture that supports employee engagement and innovation.

    • Customer Experience Enhancement: We help elevate the customer experience by providing strategies to improve service delivery, satisfaction, and loyalty, ultimately contributing to increased brand value.

    • Sustainability and CSR Consulting: Nehru & Associates offers guidance on integrating sustainable practices and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives into your business strategy, aligning with societal expectations and ethical standards.